Dabbah Judaica
Yoel Salomon 16
Phone: 972-2-6231681

About Us

Sayid Dabbah, who immigrated to Israel from Cairo, Egypt,  with his wife and three children, is the scion of four generations of silversmiths. 


While destitute, but with great determination, Sayid with his son Avraham, founded and established Dabbah Judaica in 1974 as his life's dream, a silversmith with his own factory specializing in Jewish art. In 1985, his youngest son Benny, who was born in Israel, joined his father (Sayid) and oldest brother ( Avraham).  


With great patience and persistence the three of them established a studio in Hutzot Hayotzer, Jerusalem, which displayed handcrafted artistic religious articles in silver. 


In its creations, Dabbah's Sterling Silver Judaica incorporates many traditional and modern elements which are well known in the field of Jewish art. 

In 2004 Dabbah Judaica opened a new gallery in central Jerusalem on Yoel Salomon Street, in an area of art shops and fashionable restaurants  


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